Saturday, 29 July 2017

Planting for the bees

Before thinking of what veggies to plant, think of how to create a balanced ecology to support healthy plant growth and the thriving of the whole system - planting for bees, lizards, insectiverous birds, soil organisms etc.

In this little film, I introduce how and why I create a hedge of sacred perennial basil along the edge of my new vegetable garden before I plant out the garden itself.

The hedge has many other purposes too: - food - flavour - edible flowers - tea - medicine - insectiverous bird hangout - weed barrier Here is a link to a post I wrote earlier this year about Tulsi:

And here's a post I wrote in 2016 about bees and suggestions of what to plant in your garden to attract them:


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  1. Hi, really was interested in watching the video... but it isn't "available" ... opa...

  2. Hi Morag. Honeybees and solitary native bees visit our garden and we have a hive of little native bees too. I make sure there's always flowers growing here. I plant things like allysium and lobelia (blue) and cornflowers in with the vegies. I also let things like fragrant basil and rocket flower because the native bees go crazy for that! Meg:)

    1. I love those little flowers tucked amongst the veggies - they look so wonderful.

  3. Hi Morag, not able to see the video, it says it's unavailable.

  4. The embedded video link doesn't seem to be working. Found it on youtube though...