Monday, 9 May 2016

Being a Mum is What I Love the Most.

I love being Mum.  Of all the things I do, this is what I love the most - the source of so much happiness, laughter and meaning in my life.

I love this photo of my family taken by the photographer for SALT Magazine last year. I only have a few of us all together - I must make an effort to take more family group shots throughout the year. They are so nice to look back on as the kids grow.
Today was Mother's Day in Australia and my husband and children made sure I felt very loved and appreciated all day. Actually most days they make me feel that being Mum is one of the best things ever. Of course sometimes it's challenging, usually chaotic, but I love how it stretches me to grow in so many ways, stay present in the moment, find depths of giving, and be so completely connected and surrounded by love.

Thanks also to SALT Magazine for this lovely photo of our kids in our garden last winter - I know it's early winter because I can see the turmeric in the background just turning. It's almost turmeric harvest time again.

It was just so lovely to spend an entire day at home with my family today. I enjoyed ...

  • being woken up with handmade cards and a lovely little bouquet of flowers from our garden.
  • being served a delicious fruit salad for breakfast made by my daughter.
  • having a morning tea picnic play at the river with cheese and biscuits.
  • taking the time for an afternoon siesta with our little one.
  • whittling wood with Hugh.
  • playing chess with Maia.
  • making up games with cardboard boxes with the boys.
  • taking a walk with the family down to another part of the river and planning a river campout.
  • sharing dinner made by my 8 yo son - homegrown eggplant and couscous moussaka (with a little help from Evan).
  • lots of after-dinner family group hugs initiated by our 3yo.
  • And to finish it all off, after the kids went to bed, Evan drew me a hot epsom salts bath - lovely! (I was a little silly yesterday - I tried to demonstrate how to do a flip on the monkey bars and ended up putting my neck out. A 47, I need to warm up to things like that!?!)

Today I think Maia let me win - to be nice!

A very happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. 

... and an extra special Happy Mother's Day to my own Mum. Thank you for everything Mum, and for an amazing childhood on boats, on bikes, in nature, playing music, and living a simple healthy life.

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  1. Lovely to read about your Mothers Day Morag. A very special day shared with the family.