Sunday, 20 March 2016

Earth Mother Eco Teacher - new article article about Morag Gamble

A lovely article about my permaculture lifestyle, homeschooling approach and sustainability education programs was just printed in the latest issue of Salt Magazine.

Click to read the article: Sunshine Coast Features | Earth mother eco teacher

Thanks Jayne Fynes-Clinton for your descriptive words and to Claire Plush for this beautifully happy family portrait outside our handmade house.


  1. A great article. A real insight.
    And what a great family photograph (put that in the pool room !)

  2. It is great to hear someone else sing your praises - well done. The article underlines your deep life integrity.

  3. Oh I am so happy for you, the faces and smiles of your family just reflect health and happiness. You live the lifestyle we should all follow. I love Maleny often driving up to Montville and Flaxton as the area is amazing. Thanks for sharing and keep enjoying your wonderful life. Kamryn Wing

  4. I like to look at what’s on offer in our local discount shops. And doing so, I’ve come across a few handy, eco stuff. Cahul

  5. It places the yogi on the other side of the spectrum, making them feel even better than healthy.Cahul